The rewarding harvest of the Story Seeds K3 Project

Having the ability to read is a civil right. Reading is one of the most important skills in a child’s life development and a great contributor to academic success. Yet learning to read is rocket science and this is especially the case for underserved, multilingual children.
6 months ago when we started our Story Seeds Project teaching a group of K3 children living in subdivided flats to read, we knew it would be a difficult task as many of the children did not understand any English and struggled with their ABCs.
It has been an effortful journey, but today, after 6 months of incredible hard work and dedication and rallying the community together to help our children learn to read, we celebrate all their progress and growth! Just watch how confident and happy the children are reciting their favourite story “The Five Little Monkeys” as a present to their families.
We could not have done it without the help of our incredible teachers, wonderful colleagues, and generous donors. We would never have made it without our community partners and most importantly, our dedicated parents.
We still have a long road ahead, but we cannot be more proud of each and everyone of them!

Upcoming Events

REACH x SoCO Charity
K3 English Programme for Children in Subdivided homes

According to the Long Term Housing Strategy Annual Progress Report 2021, there are 92,200 families living in subdivided flats in Hong Kong as of the end of 2021.

Children living in subdivided flats are at an intersection of disadvantages. To mention a few, they are deprived of a quiet and private space to study and often even lack tables to study on. Very often, these children have insufficient home learning support, all the while having little to none English exposure outside the classroom.

At school, English teachers face great challenges needing to cater to both ends of the spectrum; they lack the time, resources, and training to help their students whose learning has been stunted by their living situation.

As a result, by the time they enter Primary 1, children living in subdivided flats are substantially behind their peers academically, while still being expected to learn “standardised” English materials far beyond their level, yet having little to no support to help them catch up.

This is a recipe for failure. It exponentially increases the inequality gap among children, whereupon relatively advantaged/privileged children keep improving, while disadvantaged children keep falling behind.

It is one of our goals this year to #reachout to as many children living in subdivided flats as possible and bring them back to the #startingline.

Watch Ms. Candy and Ms. Cindy’s REACH Jan 25, 2022 Zoom Lesson

English reading activities for
Yan Oi Tong Pang Hung Cheung Kindergarten in
Tai Wo Hau Public Housing Estate (Dec, 2021)

Did you know that children attending many local government-aided kindergartens only average 60 minutes of English lessons every week? As a result, many children, especially those living in impoverished districts, aren’t even able to reach the starting line for a fair chance under the local education system.

REACH Hong Kong’s aim is to raise the English ability of kindergarten children in underserved communities and bring these children back to the starting line.

On 13th of December, we hosted a full day of English reading activities for 90 families and donated over 200 English books to Yan Oi Tong Pang Hung Cheung Kindergarten in Tai Wo Hau Public Housing Estate. This charity event was all made possible with the help of our 10 amazing Hong Kong University interns HKU Social Sciences and generous donations from Mr. Michael Yeung and Mr. Bernard Cheung.

The community had a blast and for us at REACH & Story Jungle Education Centre, there’s really no better way to wrap up 2021!

2021 summer phonics' programme for
Yan Oi Tong PHC Kindergarten

We are so proud of the HUGE improvements that our students from Yan Oi Tong PHC Kindergarten were able to achieve during our summer phonics’ programme! Over the span of just one month, we systematically targeted and increased the students’ alphabet recognition, letter-sound correspondence, vocabulary knowledge and blending/segmentation skills. These are all core components of reading, acting as the base foundation for young learners’ English abilities.

The “before and after” results chart speaks for itself!

As we do with every learning invitation we have received in the last 10 years, REACH tailors reading programmes that meet the needs of the specific students we teach.

We are so excited to provide these types of programmes for underserved student communities and to keep spreading a love for English and reading! If you would like to join us in this mission, reach out for more information on how to volunteer or donate so that other kids can enjoy these types of opportunities.

Charity teaching programme at
Asbury Methodist Social Service’s Help Community Service Centre
(summer 2021)

Did you know that an estimated number of 280,000 people in Hong Kong live in subdivided flats or other similarly undesirable conditions? The lack of affordable and adequate housing in Hong Kong forced many unemployed, low-income and new immigrant families to squeeze into flats smaller than half of a regular-sized parking space. More than 37,000 children and teens live in these partitioned flats, without the proper space, resources, and help in many areas, including academics.

Story Jungle Education Centre & REACH Hong Kong kickstarted this summer by co-organizing a charity teaching programme with the lovely Anita Shum Mini Mandarins Nicola Cheung Young Emmy Tsang for 20 kids living in subdivided flats.

Thanks to Asbury Methodist Social Service’s Help Community Service Centre, all the donors and sponsors for making this happen. Special shoutout to HKU Social Science interns, secondary school students Gina, Sophie, Allison, Kadence, Sandy Cho and Jane Wu for your dedication!


Mrs. Christine Ma Lau, Ms. Crisel Consunji and Ms. Vivan Chung share their ideas in character education, creative activity teaching and reading teaching, and the process and experience of establishing an education center

教育是信念建立的過程,為孩子打開知識大門,通往各個領域,並幫助他們從小培養品德及認識正確的價值觀,對將來的發展有莫大幫助。今集JES network 《茉萃薈》請來3位從事幼兒教育工作的嘉賓,與大家分享對幼兒教育工作的理念與堅持、面對的困難,以及如何透過教育改變孩子的未來。
Mrs. Christine Ma Lau – 2018成功女性大獎得獎者、JEMS Character Academy校長及創辦人
Ms. Crisel Consunji – 2020成功女性大獎得獎者、Baumhaus創辦人
Ms. Vivian Chung – 2020 Women of Excellence得獎者、Story Jungle Education 及REACH Charity校長及創辦人

MetroRadio – Life Marathon (人生馬拉松)

Life Marathon (人生馬拉松) interview with Karen Ching and Dr. Leung In addition to sharing the experience of founding Story Jungle and REACH, Vivian will also discuss the skills and art of getting along with children, the importance of English reading for the development of children Listen to the whole interview on the link below:


Vivian, the founder of Story Jungle and REACH, believes that granting children perfect reading ability and allowing them to personally open the door of knowledge to all fields of society is the best gift for children.