REACH is an education charity run by educators

Reading is a very complex and technical skill set. A highly systematic and explicit approach is required to equip students with the necessary reading and listening skills.


Reading Motivation

Making story books readily accessible on bookshelves is only the First Step. Cultivating the motivation for them to pick up these books and read is the key to nurturing good reading habits.

The availabilities of quality story books based on children’s interests and reading abilities are also crucial.


Reading Abilities

Research shows that over 60% of students require explicit reading instructions specifically on phonics, fluency, and comprehension in order to become proficient readers.

Primary schools in Hong Kong do not allocate enough time on these areas, nor do they have explicit curricula to help students master these skills.


Parents’ Engagement

Parents of underserved families usually do not have the time or sufficient education background to co-read with their children.

Workshops and corporate charity programmes, very often to be one-off or short term by nature, are not able to create sustainable impacts.