Our Team


Vivian Chung

Vivian Chung is an award-winning education specialist with 18 years of experience teaching English reading and writing through the use of story books. She holds an MA in Psychology in Education from Columbia University and is the Director of Story Jungle Education Centre and the Founder of REACH Charity. She serves as a Reading Consultant & Teacher Trainer for kindergartens, primary and secondary schools throughout Hong Kong and is a top-rated Parents Seminar Speaker promoting home literacy and shared reading strategies. In 2021, Vivian received the Women of Excellence award from the South China Media Group honouring her work and contributions in the field of education. "It is my belief that the best gift for children is reading as it enables learning and accessibility to knowledge, opportunities and ideas. My hope is that all of my students can obtain this power and use it to anchor their foundation, so that each and every one of them can grow to incredible heights, allowing them the widest and greatest visions in life."


Quincy Tse

Quincy Tse works in the Regtech industry and has been selling financial data and analytics, and web-based applications to financial institutions for 14 years. Quincy also served as Director of Special Projects at a Fortune 500 company where he was responsible for multi-billion investment project management, International Public Relations and Government Affairs. Outside Work, Quincy has over 18 years of experience co-running education charities. Prior to REACH, he spent 9 years as Council Member of Access HK, a charity which provides English tuition to underprivileged primary school students in Hong Kong. He earned his BSc in Mathematics and Statistics from Imperial College London, and MSc in Statistics from University College London.


Sally Ng

Sally Ng joined Story Jungle Education Centre as a Native English teacher in 2007 and is currently the Education Consultant. She conducts lessons for students in the United Kingdom, United States, and Hong Kong and serves as a consultant to students applying to university and parents who wish to send their children to school in the UK. She is also the co-founder of REACH Charity. Born in the UK, Sally completed her high school education in a prestigious UK boarding school and graduated from the University of London. Having spent a number of years studying in St. Mary’s Canossian School, she is familiar with the local school system and understands through first-hand experience the struggles that Hong Kong students encounter.

Sally has one-of-a-kind teaching style where she has shone a new light on English learning to many students who were not fans of English at first. Furthermore, she is an expert in developing curriculum that is effective and enjoyable for students as she understands the efficacy of positivity in motivating and helping students build confidence in English learning. Having vast experience in the teaching field, she is quick to recognise and accommodate the individual needs of each student even in a class setting. Sally firmly believes that every child deserves quality education regardless of their socioeconomic background and gender.


Joe Cheung

Joe Cheung has over 13 years of experience in the Information Technology and Consultancy industry where he was involved with advising and implementation of enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions to MNCs and SMEs. He believes all children should be given equal opportunities in accessing knowledge and skills through reading regardless of their social and economic background. He joined REACH In 2019 and has since played a key role in formulating digital marketing as well as digitization of curriculum for REACH. He obtained his BSc in Information Technology from Australian National University.

Reach organization need you!
Share the same vision? Time to act! We are always looking for teachers who have experience in teaching English to primary school students. Training on our syllabus and various teaching techniques will be provided to the right candidates. If you are interested in joining us, please send your resume to recruit@reach.org.hk.