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The Reach Reading Club Project

We believe story books are the most powerful and effective tool to build up students’ reading proficiencies. While we understand the importance of fostering stronger English skills, it is the ability to adapt, and transfer gained knowledge through reading that is the most crucial and sustainable means necessary for providing a better future for these children.

Through REACH Reading Clubs which we partner with primary schools in Hong Kong, our goal is to equip as many under-served students as possible the abilities and motivation to read under a systemic and explicit approach via the use of story books and REACH trial-and-tested proprietary curriculum and teaching methodology.

How Does That Work?

  • Each Corporate will partner with a primary school assigned by REACH.
  • The partnering school will select students to join the REACH Reading Club based on requirements provided by REACH such as students from families receiving social benefits or government education subsidies. Each Reading Club will consist of around 10 – 15 students.
  • The number of Reading Clubs that we can form in each school will be subjected to availabilities of both volunteers/ employees and students, as well as funding.
  • We will run classes on a regular basis (e.g. bi-weekly) under the online, onsite or hybrid format depending on the situation with Covid-19.
  • In each class, students will be given a set of materials which includes a popular English story book and a set of REACH-designed curricula covering a range of academic topics. Examples would be useful vocabulary and expressions, grammar exercises, reading comprehension questions, and a creative writing activity, all based on the story book.

Corporate will commit to support the project via the provision of funding and employees as volunteers for one academic year.

The REACH Reading Club Curriculum

The REACH Reading Club Curriculum is tailor-made based on students’ grades, abilities, and interests which consists of the following core components:

  • Phonics

Phonics is the first step to being able to read. Students with a better and stronger phonics foundation are likely to have more courage to read aloud and develop interests in English.

  • Creative Reading and Writing

The curriculum aims to give students a chance to unlearn and relearn reading and writing through the use of quality work from celebrated authors and top-notch children’s literature.

  • Grammar Reading and Writing                                                                              

The curriculum reinforces the skills learned from the Creative Reading and Writing classes and helps children better understand the correct grammatical structure in the English language. Our grammar curriculum is designed for students to learn and apply concepts into writing and everyday English usage.

The REACH Reading Club Curriculum

REACH takes impact measurements very seriously as it enables us to continuously improve the quality of our programme.

We conduct both quantitative and qualitative measures throughout the year.


  1. Skill component (REACH designed): Offline/Online tests targeting grade specific reading skills. Scores taken for statistical analysis.
  2. Motivation component (Garfield Reading Attitude Survey): Offline/Online survey examining reading motivation across different scenarios.


  1. Regular feedback sessions with the English panel and teachers.
  2. Classroom observations and site visits.
  3. Questionnaires and open discussions with the principal and associated teachers / teams.

REACH welcomes our partnering corporates to work with us on metrics and KPI for the programmes.

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