What We Do


It is our belief that the ability to read and the cultivation of a reading habit are essential to children’s academic and overall life-long development. Unfortunately, many children from low socioeconomic status families lack exposure to proper reading and education resources in Hong Kong. Children from these families are more susceptible to reading difficulties as they develop language skills more slowly, showing delayed abilities in letter recognition and phonological awareness. These children are more likely to shy away from education as they get older, limiting their academic development, and deterring them from socio-economic advancement.

A Reading Programme for Every Primary School in Need

REACH believes:

  • Providing students with access to books does not necessarily mean they will read by themselves
  • Having library access and regular after-school activities are not sufficient in creating a reading culture
  • Unguided reading is unlikely to improve students’ English proficiency

The objective of REACH is to form a ‘Reading Club Programme’ in select primary schools, tailor-made according to the schools’ individual needs and students to address the above challenges.

Who do we target?

Our target group consists of children from the following backgrounds:

  • New immigrant families
  • Ethnic-minority families
  • Families receiving social benefits
  • Students qualified for full education subsidies from the government

We target primary schools with a high concentration of students from backgrounds described above. We also seek out schools based on research, referrals, and our personal teaching experiences.


Please go to Our Program to see what we do with each school.