Our Programmes

“There are many little ways to enlarge your child’s world. Love of books is the best of all.”

–Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis


We believe one of the most essential skills all students must acquire is knowing how to read: reading is a life-long skill and habit essential to children’s academic and overall life-long development. Learning reading, writing, and other basic learning skills during primary education is vital for a child’s success in higher education. Many children in Hong Kong lack resources and exposure (including books and education), leaving them at a disadvantage academically.

We work in collaboration with local schools and communities to help build reading habits and develop language abilities for students in need so that they can ultimately transfer gained knowledge and skills independently for academic and personal growth.

The REACH Reading Club helps students learn English through reading top-notch books, equipping them with listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills necessary for English proficiency.


Objectives of the REACH Reading Club:

  1. Help children improve their English proficiency (through reading material and written lessons)
  2. Improve their reading skills (through reading comprehension exercises covering various questions types and formats)
  3. Learn independently (through guided reading lessons and step-by-step exercises)
  4. Foster reading habits (through exposure to interesting books regularly)
  5. Make children fall in love with English (through fun-filled English interactive games)


How the REACH Reading Club works:

  • We run weekly class with students from local primary schools
  • Each student is given a set of materials on a weekly basis. Each set of material includes a renowned English story book, a set of exercise covering vocabulary and expressions, reading comprehension questions, and creative writing activities.
  • In addition to the weekly classes, REACH holds a monthly school-wide story telling session with the aim to promote a reading culture among the student body. The storytelling session starts with vocabulary exercises and ends with oral comprehension activities to reinforce students’ interests and understanding of the book.
  • REACH donates multiple copies of the books and some fun comprehension activities to the school library and works together with the school to provide incentives for students to borrow and re-read the books.